What is News?

To many, writing a news release is the cornerstone of services provided to them by their PR firm. When a news release is written, there is a perception that media will come flocking to us to do a story … well, that isn’t necessarily the case. A news release requires thought and strategy to develop it and it certainly requires a pro when it comes to pitching the news release and story ideas to a reporter.

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Colette Patterns

At BREWER™ we're proud to bring you Collette Patterns, highlighted in our Friday eblast. The highly anticipated patterns offer some great project ideas including the Hazel Dress, featured in their post on choosing the right fabric.

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Elements of an Online Newsroom

An online newsroom is typically hosted on your Web site and is created as a resource for reporters. At a minimum your online newsroom should include contact information for your spokesperson, recent news releases and images that can easily be downloaded.

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Weekend Warrior Wednesday: Weave 'n' Wave Hat

June Tailor® Weave and Wave, Flower Power Hat


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Media Training Tip: Off the Record

Anything you say can be used against you … we hear that phrase on cop shows, but did you realize it applies to media interviews, too? We tell our clients to pretend as if the microphones are on from the time you see that news van coming toward you over the horizon until they leave and that van is no longer in sight. 

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