Weekend Warrior Wednesday: Needlecase

Sewing Machine Needlecase 
By Andrea Goddard, Quiltique

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Back to School!

Next month kids start heading back to school and they’ll soon get into the swing of school activities, including sports. That makes now a perfect time to offer classes and demos featuring projects promoting school spirit! 

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Weekend Warrior Wednesday: Glitzed Glasses

By April Ludwikowski, BREWERTM Marketing

At BREWERTM we love any occasion that lets us celebrate while getting crafty and creative, all at the same time! That's precisely the inspiration that we used for our "Glitzed Glasses" project that recently showcased at a cheery cocktail event in Washington D.C.

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Little Girl's Dream Garden Party

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid?  Did you play “make believe?” Most of us spent time playing dress up and have hosted an imaginary tea party or two.   

Chances are, if you’re reading this post, you’re not a kid anymore and your imaginary tea party days are long gone… but what about the little ones in your life – daughters, granddaughters and nieces?  

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Trend Watch: Fiber Art

A front runner on our list of trends to watch this season is fiber art, a contemporary style of art that uses textiles including fabric, yarn, natural fibers, and synthetic fibers (such as plastic acrylic) to create depth and a three-dimensional aesthetic. This technique has started to resurface in a big way and we’re happy to see that it is being incorporated into clothing and accessories!

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