Mellow Yellow

Close your eyes and think about all of the clothing you have in your closet.  Now, close them again and take a mental picture of all of the rooms in your home.  Visualize your living room, your kitchen, your bedroom …. 

Do you see any yellow there?  Is yellow in your wardrobe? 

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Trend Watch: Geometric Prints

Circles, squares, triangles, oh my!  When done right, geometric prints can reveal style and sophistication.  This modern-looking design method is definitely on our list of trends to watch this Fall!

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Anything Oxblood

Fall and winter colors are all around us.   Burnt orange, mustard yellow, royal purple, and unlimited shades of brown!  We not only see these colors in nature, but we also see them in fashion and home décor.   Stores and boutiques are full of these colors right now and one of OUR favorite colors for winter this year is oxblood red! 

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Flower Power

We’re seeing more and more fabric flowers these days.  We see them on scarves, pillows, hats, headbands, sweaters… even shoes.  And, we’re excited about it!

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Victorious Vinyl

There is no denying that laminated fabrics are IN right now.  They are sleek, trendy, and perhaps most important… extremely resilient to liquids, dirt and other wear and tear.  And, at the end of the day, aren’t those the qualities what we look for in our fabrics and accessories?

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