Faux Suede Fringe Stockings DIY

I’m pretty sure that stockings were actually the very first thing that I learned how to sew with my Mom when I was growing up. They were pretty simple designs but I definitely remember the pride I felt in hanging them up for Christmas knowing that I had made them all by myself (with a little help from Mom, I’m sure). Since this is our first Christmas with our daughter Lola, I thought it would be fun to make some family stockings for the mantel to celebrate this extra special holiday! I love the texture and look of faux suede, so we partnered with EverSewn to incorporate that in some way and a layered fringe look felt like the perfect route.

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Let it Snow by Cherry Guidry

I love the traditional reds and greens of Christmas, and Let It Snow, my new fabric collection for Contempo introduced at Fall Quilt Market, is filled with bright reds and greens, a little touch of grey, happy snowmen, yummy cookies, ornaments, words, and several coordinating prints that will work well beyond the holidays.

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DIY Applique Skyline

Think outside the ordinary quilt or pillow application.  Try incorporating a scrappy appliqué technique using cork fabric as your creative canvas background for a beautifully stunning piece of wall art. Shannon Brinkley’s quick and fun Scrappy Appliqué techniques makes this project doable for beginners. We’re a little partial to our sweet home Chicago, but this pattern contains a large fold out template with 6 different skylines; New York City, Seattle, Austin, Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco. Pick your favorite skylines.

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Amanda Murphy's Winter Games

Hi everyone,

My name is Amanda Murphy and I'm delighted to guest-post on Brewer's blog today.  This time of year is always exciting in the quilt industry... new products, new projects, new collaborations, and big secrets get revealed.  This year was no exception and I'm grateful to Brewer for the invitation to stop by and show some of my new products to those who might not have gotten to see them in person at Market.

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Memories in the Making

One of the best parts of Halloween has always been making the perfect costume that will make kids smile. While the trends of what is considered the “coolest costume of the year” may change, one thing that never changes is the joy found while making your child’s costume, and making of memories to share forever. The treasure of a shared experience that becomes passed down from one generation to the next.

We hope to bring that smile to your face this year with our FREE silly face emoji Halloween Costume.

Here’s how we made this fun memory!

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