Shannon Brinkley's Perfect Scrappy Applique

by Shannon Brinkley

If you have been quilting or sewing for any length of time, you likely have a pile (or many piles!) of scraps laying around-- so many oddly shaped, too tiny to make a block out of, but too pretty to toss pieces. I'm with you.

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Inspiration for Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book: Alfred Shaheen

Alfred Shaheen popularized the Hawaiian resort/tiki dress in the 40s and 50s, and his designs have remained a constant source of inspiration for me. Shaheen dresses were known for their gorgeous tropical prints and feminine silhouettes. They ranged from fit and flare sundresses to tightly fitted bombshell sheaths. One thing that has always impressed me about Shaheen’s designs is that he elevates each look with small, easy-to-imitate design elements: a bias strip that crosses the bodice, a removable halter strap, or a one-shoulder design element. It was this versatility in Shaheen’s designs that most inspired me while creating the dresses for Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book.

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Sweet Treat Cupcake Purse

When you have little ones around, you soon realize that imagination is the only limiting factor to their questions and requests of you. So, when a sweet little girl asked for a new purse that looks like a Shopkin (the hottest toys craze right now that sports small figurines of everyday objects and food), the first thought that came to mind was, of course! A cupcake purse! And there you have it, the perfect pairing of sweet and imagination. Are you ready to get your imagination cooking, and stitch up some Sweet Treat Cupcake Purses!

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Let’s Do Lunch!

Brighten up someone’s midday menu with our Let’s Do Lunch, lunch bag project.

Keep those lunches cool and hearts warm by creating your own insulated lunch tote with a special chalk cloth inner lid — made for writing special messages using your chalk markers to brighten up a loved one’s day!

What a fun tradition to begin, now let’s get started….

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Two Trends in One

What happens when you combine the chalk board surface trend with the adult coloring book trend — you have a winning combination! The NEW Chalk Style Botanicals  and Chalk Style Good Times Deluxe Coloring Books by Fox Chapel Publishing are sure to become top-sellers and begin making appearances on Pinterest boards everywhere very soon. Each design has an inspirational quote on the back of it's page to inspire your imagination and the perforated pages make for easy removal and framing. Unlike traditional coloring books the pages of these books are primarily black and made for use with beautiful light colored coloring pens and pencils. Pair them with your Faber-Castell color pencils or your gel pens set by Fiskars for a punch of rich color.