New From Amanda Murphy's Sewing Room

Hi There Everyone!

Brewer asked me here today to talk about a secret my secret they kept safe until BERNINA University.  It is my new collection with Benartex Sewing Room! This one is close to my heart as a BERNINA Quilting and Longarm Spokesperson because it has my very favorite sewing machines!

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Quilting Jetgirl

Hello, I am Yvonne Fuchs (also known as Quilting Jetgirl), and I am a quilter, designer, and blogger with a big heart and passion for hometown and online quilting communities. I am very excited that Brewer has begun to carry my line of printed quilting patterns, and I am here today to tell you more about my quilting philosophy and what inspires my quilting designs.

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Sweet Silhouettes

Do you ever wish that you could capture a moment in time? To hold on and remember them just as they are at this very moment in time, those sweet little face’s change quickly as they grow. You blink and poof! They’ve changed.

Of course Photographs hold memories, but why not try making a memory together as you capture that moment and express your own individual creativity that’s just as special as your subject matter.

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Tuesdays are for Teaching – Kids Sewing Series Day One

Well, here we are a new week. Everyone surviving in the insane heat? One thing I’ll never get used to in the midwest is the humidity, BUT we can always make the most of it and find some great indoor activities right? Bet you can’t guess what I’m about to suggest?? Yep, you got it! Sewing!

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A cute and comfortable dress made in less than two hours? It’s Easy Peazy!

By Ann Blair of Olive Ann Designs

Do your little girls like to dress in ‘fancy’ clothes that are delicate and often ruined after one trip to the playground?  Or, maybe after hours of sewing you discover that she doesn’t like the fit and never wears your creation?  I love sewing for my granddaughters and I want them to love what I make. Not always an easy task but when I design new patterns my goal is to make something my little (and not so little these days) girls will love.  Whether it be twirls, ruffles, bows or bubble hems, I want all girls to have an opportunity to show off their style, in comfort with a durable construction, so that they’ll wear these outfits over and over! In fact, as I was taking pictures for this blog of a Christmas version of the dress featured in this blog, my little granddaughter model asked if it was going to be itchy like her last (store-bought) Christmas dress. It was so rewarding when she asked if she could wear the dress home even though it is only June. 

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