Tutorials by Amanda Murphy - Good Measure Rulers


Amanda Murphy's Brewer-Exclusive Good Measure Ruler Line will help you create quilt designs like a pro! Each of the 8 rulers feature a non-skid back with clear 2-color markings.

The full collection includes these rulers: Every Angle, Every Circle, Every Curve, Every Line, Every Feather Spine, Every Feather Plume, Every Clamshell and Every Wave.

In the tutorials below, Amanda uses each ruler and demonstrates how to use the printed markings as reference points to achieve cohesive designs. 


In this first tutorial, Amanda uses the Every Angle Ruler to demonstrate crosshatches: 



The Every Circle Ruler can create pebbles in sashing, scallops, petals and more:



The Every Curve Ruler helps to create even larger curves from 7 to 12 inches: 




Achieve perfectly even lines with the Every Line Ruler



Amanda shows us how to create plumes on straight and curved spines using the Every Feather Spine and Every Plume rulers:



Clamshells are just one of the designs made with the Good Measure Every Clamshell Ruler. Instructions for other designs made with Every Clamshell are included, too!



Create steep or shallow waves with the Every Wave Ruler:



Amanda Murphy's Good Measure line is available exclusively through Brewer! Looking for more template inspiration from Amanda? Check out her Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book!


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