Sweet Strawberry Pillows

Want to make some really sweet memories with your little one? Try this perfect mommy/daddy and me project — A sweet tooth fairy pillow creates a treasured heirloom complete with a tiny pocket for the magical tooth exchange. Then amp up your pillow making skills with a 3 dimensional plush berry pillow to top your sweetest projects list! Have fun together while encouraging your kids to develop sewing skills and the confidence to make something truly special with their own two hands — how sweet is that!

Big Strawberry Pillow Supply List:

Main - Benartex Dot Red Minkee Blankee

Stem/Leaf Fabric - National Nonwovens 35/65 Wool Felt, 10/Pkg

Fusible Interfacing - Pellon Fusible Mid-weight 20”x25yds Interfacing

Craft Poly Fill - Fairfield PF12A Poly-Fil, 12/Case

14” Zipper - Atkinson Designs 14”, Red River Zipper

50wt Thread - 9104- Mettler Silk Cotton Finish 50wt Thread

Walking Foot - EverSewn Sparrow Walking Foot 7mm


Big Strawberry Pillow Instructions:

Step 1 -  Cutting

Step 2 - Sew and assemble

  • Take two sides of the strawberry and sew one side, right side together.
  • Follow instructions to install a zipper located near the bottom end of the seam.  Place a 14” zipper right side down facing the seam and correctly.  Use a seam ripper to open the seam to expose the zipper opening.
  • Match up the remaining side of the strawberry and sew.  Clip the curved seam allowances to make the seam lay correctly and not pull. 
  • Stuff the strawberry with Craft Poly Fil.
  • Top Leaf – Sew, right sides together, the leaf topper.  Cut a small hole in center of leaf topper.  Pull right sides out, press, and top stitch, including the small center hole you used to pull the leaf topper out.
  • Fold over long side of stem fabric piece.  With right sides together, sew side seam.  Turn right side out and stuff with Craft Poly Fil ; sew end closed. Insert and pull the stem up into the center of the leaf topper. Secure with hand stitching, a button to the bottom of the stem.
  • Thread a needle and run a few stitches inside to out catching the button and strawberry top; tie off and knot.  Catch some poly fil to make the leaf topper get pulled inward slightly.


Small Strawberry Sweet Tooth Pillow Supply List:

Main - Benartex Dot Red Minkee Blankee

Stem/Leaf Fabric - National Nonwovens 35/65 Wool Felt, 10/Pkg

Craft Poly Fill - Fairfield PF12A Poly-Fil, 12/Case

50wt Thread - 9104- Mettler Silk Cotton Finish 50wt Thread

Walking Foot - EverSewn Sparrow Walking Foot 7mm

Hand Needles - JJ Children’s Project Assortment 9 Needles, 10/Box


Small Strawberry Sweet Tooth Pillow Instructions:

Step 1 -  Cutting:

Step 2 - Sew and assemble:

  • Take two of main fabric and sew right side together leaving a small opening at top.
  • Turn fabric right side out and stuff the strawberry with Craft Poly Fil   push down the fill until the strawberry takes form. With your fingers, fold in the top and create a hole through the center of the poly fil.
  • Top Leaf – Roll tightly the felt that was cut out for the stem.  Insert in to top of strawberry into the hole that you created in the poly fil. 
  • Slide leaf pattern over stem through hole and tack together and secure to main fabric. 
  • Thread a needle and stitch the outside pocket to the side of the main fabric.

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