Doggie Raincoat

Keep your furry best friend dry and oh-so-fashionable too with a new laminate fabric doggie rain coat.  Customize your coat with cool color choices and the perfect laminate fabric to suit your pet's personality!


Main - Cloud9 Woodland Critters Laminates, Navy, (#C9-155512-V15)

Backing - National Nonwovens 35/65 Wool Felt, 10/Pkg, (#NW002A-0580)



Strap Buckle - Dritz 1” White Parachute Buckle 3/Box, (#D480)

Neck Closure - Inazuma Antique Gold Magnetic Snap, (#BA24A-540)

Belting - Dritz 1” Polypro Belting, 15 yds – Violet, (#D28602-56)

Bias Tape - Wrights Wide Single Fold, 3/Box (#W202-)

50wt Thread - Mettler Silk Cotton Finish 50wt Thread (#9104)

Temporary Adhesive - JT Trading 505 Adhesive Spray, 6/Box


Skills: Cutting fabric from a pattern // sewing with laminate fabric using a walking foot using bias tape for binding // sewing through multiple layers of laminate and felt // attaching a magnetic snap

Step 1 -  Cutting:

  • Download the free pattern
  • Cut out PDF pattern and place on fabric. 
  • Cut two (2) of main fabric and two (2) of lining fabric.
  • Cut a 4” x 2” rectangle from both main and lining fabrics.


Step 2 - Sew and assemble:

  • Pin and sew center seam (rights sides together) for both the main and lining jacket pattern.
  • Top stitch ¼” on each side of seam.
  • Add binding to the edge of the main jacket edge.  Clip the curved seam allowances of the binding tape so to lay flat.

  • Pin the 4” x 2” rectangle on the main jacket pattern. Place at center long ways to the back seam. On the long ends, sew 1” down, across and up to form a box. Add this rectangle piece to the lining to make the jacket reversible.

  • With wrong sides together, lay the main and lining fabric on top of each other.  Spray 505 Spray Adhesive to help the fabrics from moving while sewing.
  • Fold over the binding tape encasing both the main and lining fabric to finish off the edge. 
  • Place and sew on magnetic fasteners on the over-lapping neck flaps of the jacket.


Step 3 - Belting and Strap Buckle:

  • Measure and cut the belting between 25”- 30”.
  • Slide the belting through the sewn tab on jacket.

Follow the instruction to add the buckle to belting. Pre-measure around the dog’s waist to ensure the proper fit.

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