Quilting Jetgirl
Thursday, August 4, 2016 at 11:44AM
Hello, I am Yvonne Fuchs (also known as Quilting Jetgirl), and I am a quilter, designer, and blogger with a big heart and passion for hometown and online quilting communities. I am very excited that Brewer has begun to carry my line of printed quilting patterns, and I am here today to tell you more about my quilting philosophy and what inspires my quilting designs.

I started quilting over 20 years ago when I was in high school (how can that be over 20 years ago?). My paternal grandmother offered to hand quilt a quilt for my college dorm room if I would piece the quilt top, so my mom and I tackled an Eleanor Burns “Quilt in a Day” pattern together. It was the last quilt that my grandmother hand quilted before she passed away, and I am so glad to have used it in college and have it as a family heirloom.

I made several more quilts before I finished high school, and in college my mom broke down and bought me my own sewing machine as a Christmas gift so she wouldn’t have to give up her machine every time I came home. I consistently made quilts over the years, but my quilting really took off in 2008 when my friends transitioned from sending wedding announcements to having baby showers.

I strongly believe that you are creative; nobody and nothing is perfect: you are doing your best work right now; and the secret to success is to show up, try, learn, modify, and repeat. It is my goal to have my quilt patterns reflect my quilting philosophies and help quilters explore and learn about themselves as part of the quilting journey. Today I am excited to share a few of my favorite quilt patterns and the stories behind the patterns. 

Triangle Transparency is currently my most popular quilt pattern. The quilt pattern helps you study transparency to create layered depth, and the pattern offers lots of detailed information on fabric selection. If you are someone who worries about fabric selection, there is even a large listing of a of suggested Kona solid colors in a rainbow of options available for you to use.

I believe that quilts hold power in the mindfulness behind their creation. My goal with the Beacon quilt pattern is to encourage you, the quilter, to incorporate a mindful story into the quilt. I have included a planning worksheet and a blank quilt top design for coloring into the quilt pattern to help you spend some time gathering your thoughts to help you use this quilt to build a unique story.

When I developed the Beacon pattern, I was thinking a lot about how quilting allows my inner light to shine. When times are hard, when emotions run deep, when stress and life get me down, I know that even just a few minutes at my sewing machine can help bring an inner peace and calm into my life. That knowledge of a lifeline that is waiting to be used is like a lighthouse beacon to sailors on a stormy sea. I chose to use Robert Kaufman Kona solids in Nautical, Torch, and White for my version of the quilt because the colors spoke to me and the names of the colors pulled me. I love the stark, crisp contrast of the bright white against the nautical background. And just like a lighthouse, the Kona Torch just glows against the dark night / sky / sea. 

I created Double Mobius to share Amanda Herring's beautiful new fabric line. The first thing that really pulled me in about this fabric line is the name: Desert Bloom. I live right on the edge of the Mojave Desert (my husband commutes to work in the desert), and that connection spoke to me. The next thing that occurred to me is that my parents would be celebrating their wedding anniversary during the blog hop where I would unveil this quilt. I also realized that I had never in fact made and gifted a quilt to my parents.

As for the quilt design, when I was at QuiltCon in Pasadena in February, I shared a room with my mom. One morning, I pulled out my quilting idea sketch pad and doodled this design. I liked the connection that my mom was there with me when I designed it, and looking it over, I also liked how it felt like a modern interpretation of the double wedding ring.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about my design process and my quilt designs inspire you to get creative! Happy Quilting! Yvonne

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