Sweet Silhouettes


Do you ever wish that you could capture a moment in time? To hold on and remember them just as they are at this very moment in time, those sweet little face’s change quickly as they grow. You blink and poof! They’ve changed.

Of course Photographs hold memories, but why not try making a memory together as you capture that moment and express your own individual creativity that’s just as special as your subject matter.

So before they move or grow anymore, grab you pens, paper, and favorite faces and let’s get started!

For full Free detailed Sweet Silhouette project instructions go to 

We used our new EverSewn Sparrow 25 Sewing Machine to applique our Nifty Notion Chalkcloth fabric silhouette. Visit to learn more about EverSewn Sewing Machines.

Project supplies are available through your local independent sewing and crafting shops.

Brewer is a proud creative sewing supplies distribution partner to local independent shops.

EverSewn brand is exclusively distributed by BREWER



Step 1: Take a picture or draw out a Silhouette on paper.