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Friday, October 7, 2016 at 11:06AM

I’m Kristiann from Victory Patterns.  I’m delighted to be featured here on the Brewer blog and to share my story with you.

I’ve been sewing since I was a kid. I taught myself and then I went to learn some more in University, where I studied Fashion Design. I’ve always been passionate about art, crafting and working with my hands to create, but sewing really had me hooked. I see clothing as such an incredible tool of self-expression. Sewing allows me to be inventive in how I express myself and helps me to walk through the world feeling more me and more confident

I create sewing patterns that are fashion focused, aim to get women excited about sewing, teach new skills and encourage a more creative and inspired life! I started creating patterns after I had been teaching sewing for about four years at a local Studio called The Workroom here in Toronto.  I always felt inspired by my students at their enthusiasm for this craft. I loved how excited they were to learn this new skill and how proud they were that they had made something with their hands. I also really loved that sewing gave them an opportunity to create clothing that suited their bodies and fitted them in a flattering way, allowing them to feel beautiful in their clothes.

This sense of confidence, pride and enthusiasm from my students was so heartwarming and encouraging to me that I decided to take my skills in a new direction and create sewing patterns. I also absolutely loved that by doing this, I would be contributing to the slow fashion movement, which is something that I really believe in.

I really wanted to make designs that enticed people to sew. Something that even if you didn’t sew, you might be tempted to learn, just because you love the design so much! I wanted them to be really fun to make, exciting to wear and for the final garment to be a unique addition to your wardrobe

My first pattern collection, Eden, was launched in late 2011 and at the time was in PDF format only. I was truly blown away at the response from the online community. People were unbelievably supportive and generous in their kindness. The patterns were a hit and I quickly realized that this could really be a legitimate career path for me. 

I released a second pattern collection, Niagara, and shortly after released my pattern line in print, which allowed me to make my products available to retail stores internationally. Seeing such growth in three years was really exciting!

One day I opened my inbox to an exiting email from FW Media, a craft book publisher. They asked if I’d be interested in writing a book, and before I could finish reading the email, I was already brainstorming what it would be about. I decided to explore an idea I’d had for sometime. I’d noticed a trend online where people we’re creating “mash-up” garments whereby they would take an element from one pattern and combine it with another pattern to create their own unique creation. I was inspired by this and decided to write a modular pattern book that gave readers the ability to have a hand in the designs they made. Boundless Style was released earlier this year and it includes five bodices, five skirt and five sleeves that fit together easily. It’s like Lego for dress makers! This allows you to combine to elements that you really love in order to create unique designs that are more personal to you. The book uses step-by-step photos to instruct on how to sew each design and how to combine the elements together to complete the garment. 

If you like, you can try to make a design for yourself. The Lookbook app lets you play with the pattern components from the book in order to create a unique design. You can also explore designs that other people have created. By using this app, you see the design as a line drawing before you commit to sewing it up. Try it out, it’s super fun!

I’m now excited to be creating new designs that explore different aesthetics, are feminine and easy to wear. I’ve recently released two patterns this past summer in PDF format and they will be released in print later this year. Keep an eye out for them!

Thanks for having me on the blog. I hope when you look through the patterns, you see something you like and that you get a bit of an itch to sew!



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