August Promo Idea: Estate Sale

Summer is winding down and as many homeowners have done during the spring and summer, it’s time to sort through the “old” stuff and make room for new. Homeowners in neighborhoods across the country have held garage sales to give someone else the opportunity to enjoy their once beloved items … things that were once very useful to the owner, but have run their course. They’re still useful, though, so why not let someone else enjoy them and make a little money in the process? 

Garage Sales are great, but Estate Sales are even better! “Garage” implies that someone is getting rid of junk. That may not always be true, but the implication is there. “Estate” however, implies someone needs to move the really good stuff! Perhaps someone is moving, or someone inherited some great stuff they don’t need or don’t have room for. People flock to Estate Sales even more than they do Garage Sales!

So now it’s the end of the summer and you need to make room for fall merchandise, so hold an Estate Sale and clear out older stock. With an Estate Sale, you can usually charge a bit more than you would at a Garage Sale. But don’t negotiate. After all, this is business. It’s not really a Garage or Estate Sale!

Make Estate Sale signs just like someone in your neighborhood might do if they were having such a sale at their house. Place colored stickers on merchandise with prices. Offer bundles of fabric remnants for a set price. Offer books 3 for $25 (or whatever price makes sense). Make “kits” of needles and threads and offer at a price customers can’t pass up.

Be clever. Don’t just discount merchandise. Make it fun for you customers … and offer refreshments. Who can resist making a purchase if free food is included?!

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