Weekend Warrior Wednesday: Weave 'n' Wave Hat

June Tailor® Weave and Wave, Flower Power Hat

Finished size: 7-1/2” high x 20” circumference


1/3 yd. Fleece fabric

1 yd. 1” grosgrain ribbon

June Tailor® Weave and Wave Ruler (item #JT736)

June Tailor® Flower Power Fleece Embellishments (item #JT-216 and #JT-217)

June Tailor® Fleece Glue (item #JT382)

Basic sewing supplies

Thread to match



Enlarge pattern 200% and print.

Place two layers of fleece, wrong sides together. Pin pattern to layered fleece and cut out. Mark the “stop” dots.

Remove pattern and with layers intact, pin together.

Using ½” seam allowance, stitch from bottom edge to top center point.

Remove pins. Fold in half, aligning the two side seams on top of each other. Pin top raw edges from folds to center. Using ½” seam allowance, sew top of hat from folded edges to top center point.

Fold bottom brim of hat 3” wrong sides together and pin along top raw edge.  Turn hat right side out.

Using the June Tailor® Weave and Wave ruler, place marked bottom edge of ruler, 1” from the bottom folded edge of brim. Place “0” marking of ruler ¾” from seam. Mark slots, then cut through both layers of fleece for weaving ribbon.  Do this for both sides of hat.

Once slots have been cut, weave ribbon around hat.

Click here to download pattern.

Using June Tailor® Fleece Glue, attach June Tailor® Flower Power fleece embellishments to hat. 

Submitted by: June Tailor, Inc.

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