Add-on Sales
Monday, February 27, 2012 at 01:00PM
BREWERâ„¢ in Sales

It may seem elementary, but are your sales associates encouraging add-on sales? Are they asking customers if they need anything in addition to what they’re about to purchase, something that complements those items? Office supply stores are very good at asking if we need stamps or anything else. Even asking if they found everything might trigger a question or they’ll remember something they forgot.

If your customers are buying fabric, thread, and a quilting pattern ask them if they also need new needles or marking pens. Ask if they could use a new rotary cutter or maybe some replacement blades. How about a new cutting mat? 

When they ask for help with fabric, ask what they’re working on and make sure they have all the supplies they need. Suggest your favorite tools.

Be sure to ask if they’ve seen the newest products that just arrived. Explain what those are. You never know when your comments may trigger something in their brain and they’ll say, “Oh my gosh, thanks. I do need XYZ!” 

Suggesting add-ons is particularly important with new customers and beginners. If they’re new to your store, they’re not familiar with all you have to offer. If they’re beginners, they may think they can get by with fabric and thread. But what about a good pair of scissors, pins, markers, pin cushions, pressing supplies, etc.

But don’t suggest add-ons just for the sake of making a bigger sale. Make logical suggestions that won’t overwhelm customers. Being helpful and understanding their needs will help build loyalty. Selling them something just to sell something won’t win you any friends!

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