Happy Halloweenie!

Pumpkins line the aisles of grocery stores, leaves are beginning to fall-- painting the ground with vivid shades of yellow, red and orange, and pumpkin spice flavors are invading every coffee shop in town. Fall is officially here and we are feeling more inspired than ever.

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Hot Fix Crystals

Today we are going to learn about Hot Fix Crystals, not the natural Crystal rocks that are found in the Earth and make gorgeous accessories. Many quilters and fashion designers have relied on Hot Fix Crystals to make their work become a real show-stopper.

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Garden Party 


Who doesn’t love a garden party? You can smell flowers in the air, then there is the breathtaking sight of vibrant decorations and you can listen to the comforting sound of people enjoying themselves. A Garden Party is truly a beautiful occasion. 

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We love the Ikat print because it is very trendy and unique. The loud print pattern is so eye-catching that you can see it on everything from quilts to dresses to even pet beds! Ikat (pronounced ‘ee-KAHT’) comes from the Malaysian term ‘mengikat’, or ‘to-tie’ bundles of grasses or cotton to dye and color thread, which basically translates to a refined type of tie-dye. 

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Color-your-Day Creative

With textile artist Paula Scaffidi

I happily spotted a rainbow through my window today. 

Can you recall the last time you enjoyed seeing one?

The appearance of a rainbow provides us with a “moment out” …a pause to look up

and experience color with a renewed sense of wonder.
With its bold hues in joyful sequence, rainbows rejuvenate the human spirit.
Create and give a simple pencil or art tool case to fuel someone’s imagination and your own along the way.

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