Feelin' Foxy


By April Ludwikowski

There is something so lovely about foxes. They’re mysterious, playful, clever and well, pretty darn cute too.  A social animal by nature, it really does make sense that they’ve become so well integrated into the fashion, crafting, and sewing scene. Much like a house cat or a family dog, these little animals seem to produce a ‘cute factor’ that is unmatch by most other wild animals. With these warm and fuzzy feelings, we’ve welcomed their likeness into our own dens too. As images of their friendly faces can be found on everything from pillows to plates in many homes. Foxes have always been in fashion. They hold a timeless factor that is really only on par with possibly the family dog. And why not? They are a regal relative of “man’s best friend” after all. Feeling inspired to welcome our family favorite animal into yours? Check out our Feelin' Foxy Pinterest board for inspiration galore!


What’s All the Hoopla About?

By Margaret Bronsweig

Well, a lot!  It never ceases to amaze me how a two-piece frame that originally started out holding fabric has been able to deliver so many other creative functions.

A traditional hand embroidery hoop comes in different sizes and shapes along with being made out of different materials.  BREWER offers an exclusive line of  Quilters’ Resource embroidery hoops that should satisfy every project on hand.  Whether it is sign making with chalk board cloth, displaying stitched pieces of artwork, bobbin or thread organizing, fabric framing, or chime making, these wooden embroidery hoops could be the answer.

It‘s probably misleading to say that when stitching in these hoops, it is all done by hand.  These same types of larger sized hoops can also perform along with a sewing machine, achieving what one would call free-motion stitching with the restricted area being inside the hoop.  But that’s another story ….

For tons of great inspiration, follow us on our Hoopla Pinerest Board.


Have You Tried to Make Yo-Yos Lately?

By Margaret Bronsweig

It had been some time since I had experienced making yo-yos.  My only memory from making them years ago was that it was not an easy task. I made my first one back in the 90’s only to dread making anymore until now. On my last attempt, the circles were lopsided (never a good thing for a yo-yo) and it took so long to get one done from start to finish. Not fun that’s for sure.

Keep reading … it does get better!

Times have changed.  Making yo-yos is my new favorite thing to do. Seriously!

With a cool tool, QUICK YO-YO MAKER  by Clover, making yo-yos, is really easy.  Every yo-yo made is perfect in shape and so quick to finish with a professional look. 

Clover now provides a complete list of QUICK YO-YO MAKERS that create many different sizes and shapes and offers a free YO-YO Table Topper Pattern Project to get you started. There are also some patterns that incorporate yo-yos in adorable and fun ways.   

If you twirl over to our YO-YO pinterest board, you will also discover some truly inspiring creations.   

So go yo-yo with your scrap fabrics and have a whirl of fun.


Color-Your-Day Creative

While picking up some plain ribbon and cotton tape scraps in my studio, I gazed out the window. Winter has such dramatic line work on display. Today it features a striking black-and-white palette. I felt inspired to explore line design and to stitch, but longed for something else too. I needed a bright, pick-me-up punch of color. Awaken your 2015 muse creating embellished Ribbons of Color. All stripes and styles are welcome. Have a peek at some embellished ribbons and enjoy ideas for trimming mini projects, including some for Valentine’s Day.

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2015 Pantone Color of the Year- Marsala


It’s almost 2015 and with a New Year comes Pantone’s Color of the Year award. To everyone in the creative industry, this color sets the tone for all things creative whether it’s fashion, interior design, or graphic design.

The color of the year for 2015 is MARSALA. PANTONE 18-1438. This "earthy wine red" is said to "enrich our minds, bodies, and souls" according to Pantone’s website. This warm red-brown tone is universally appealing and has been making a huge impact in the makeup world as of late.

For more Marsala inspiration regarding all of your crafting needs, visit our Marsala Pinterest board. Cheers to a Marsala-filled year!