Isacord Polyester Embroidery Thread

By Margaret Bronsweig

Have you ever walked into a neighborhood quilt shop that had a full wall of all the colors of Isacord threads? It takes your breath away to see all the brilliant spools of color in one glance.  It’s stunning!  So when I start to check off supplies that I will need for my next embroidery project, selecting the Isacord colors is always my favorite thing to do. 

Isacord has a selection of 423 solid colors along with 27 variegated colors to choose from. The spools come in two sizes; 1000m and 5000m lengths.  Both sizes feature a unique snap down base for clean and easy storage.  Say goodbye to those loose thread ends that drive you crazy!

Isacord thread is also proven to be 10% stronger and shrinks 75% less than any other Polyester embroidery thread sold in the marketplace.  There is no mistake that this thread has been engineered from the finest raw materials to provide just the right amount of elasticity to allow for high speed running without looping or puckering.  And, you’ll experience pure joy when there is no thread breakage during the stitch out of any machine embroidery designs.  

My 2015 goal is to collect two spools of each Isacord thread color so I can have my own personal Isacord “wall of color”. I’m sure my “wall of color” will keep me inspired and, an added benefit is that I’ll always have the colors I need on hand. 

What’s your favorite Isacord color?­­


Mini Prints

For as long as one can remember, fabrics have always featured large, colorful prints like flowers and leaves. During the 1960s and 1970s, mini prints or miniature prints of the same designs that had been around for generations shrunk into sizes small enough to form familiar patterns like stripes.

Up until recently however, mini prints have gone from basic prints to more creative designs like feathers and geometric shapes. We for example offer such fabrics, like the STOF Kira design pattern of Lanceolate Leaf  and  Abstract Stripes .  Mini prints are everywhere, on quilts, dresses, purses, aprons and more.

We mentioned how popular mini prints were decades ago, the good news is that nowadays, vintage patterns are now in style! So, find your favorite mini print pattern and check out our Mini Prints Pinterest board for mini print fabric ideas for creative projects like dresses, pillows, scarves and more! 


It's All Batik To Me

There’s no better time than the holidays to get crafty when it comes to making gifts for friends and family. Instead of crocheting or using fleece, we are taking a closer look at a different kind of fabric—batik. This Indonesian-inspired print is fun and boho at the same time.

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12 Days of Christmas

Every Stitch Counts is a BREWER Exclusive embroidery program designed for independent quilt shops to get stitchin'. Four times a year, a new embroidery collection is released that includes more than 30 designs to be used to create beautiful project ideas.  Our latest holiday design collection, “12 Days Of Christmas”, features 36 embroidery designs of the gifts given by "my true love".  Even though this folk classic has many versions from different countries, the iconic imagery remains the same.  Fun and whimsical!

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Made by Mar: Wine Wraps 

It’s cold and dreary outside and I try to use every excuse in the book to NOT do things I should like grocery shopping or housework. But this time of year, gift giving and holiday celebrations, is a perfect time to come up with quick, sweet projects to personalize gifts.  Luckily, everyone on my list enjoys a great bottle of wine, and I plan to give favorite wines as a hostess gift this holiday season. Why not personalize the bottle with your own touch through a wine wrap that is fun and easy to make? 

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