What happened at QuiltCon 2015 this year

One of the best parts of QuiltCon is the escape from the cold wintery weather of Chicago to enjoy some of Austin’s Sun and warmer breezes. 

You can only imagine all the excitement there was attending QuiltCon 2015.   The show floor was overflowing with enthusiasm and inspiration was found everywhere.  Each exhibited quilt displayed a true expression of the Modern Quilt Movement combining both progressive design and remarkable techniques.  Modern Quilting is every part of free expression with no rules to follow.

In our corner, we participated in showing all our many “Made By Mar” projects; sharing our inspiration, displaying our exclusive products used in each project and giving away free project recipe cards.

We also held a raffle which involved filling out an informational survey. Participants had a chance to win a Digital Camera daily along with the final grand prize of a Chicago 7 Bernette Sewing Machine.  The Chicago 7 was busy stitching out embroidery designs as hopeful lookers passed by.  Stay tuned as we announce the winners soon!

QuiltCon will now happen every year and is planned next in Pasadena, Ca.  If you’re mad about fabric and quilting, make the trip and enjoy the show.


Cuddly Critter Mug Rugs

We know how chilly and snowy it’s been in Chicago lately, but we prefer to look on the bright side of the Winter season. More time inside, means more time for sewing and for enjoying that warm and cozy cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa. We decided to celebrate the winter season with our very own Brewer inspired Cuddly Critter Mug Rug Embroidery Designs! We've partnered with OESD to create a fun and family friendly collection of forest friends to put a smile on your face and best of all, we're sharing our Fox Mug Rug Design with you for FREE!  We hope you enjoy and share this free project with your customers, family and friends. 

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Pucker Pouch

Sometimes it’s the project that leads you to your fabric choice, and sometimes it’s all about the fabric leading your inspiration. This was the perfect set of circumstances for our latest project, The Pucker Pouch. Surrounded by the fun and playful fabric line from Kanvas by Benartex; “love is All Around”, and our Nifty Notions mesh — just like that it hit us. What fits perfectly with this combo? Well lipstick of course! From there, we designed and whipped up our own perfectly kissable makeup pouch. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can try adding a little extra sass by embroidering “Give me some lip” on to you mesh like we did. We hope you enjoy and share this free project with your customers, family and friends. Let’s get them sewing!

XO Mar

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The Love Letter Clutch

We love Valentine's Day! It's a holiday all about celebrating warm and fuzzy feelings and oh, did I mention chocolate too! This year we've decided to deliver our Valentine's gift to you a little early...designed just for you, our Brewer customers. We've created our very own fun and FREE clutch purse pattern, that we've aptly titled, The Love Letter Clutch. Please feel free to share this project with your customers, family and friends.

— We hope you "love" It!

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Feelin' Foxy


By April Ludwikowski

There is something so lovely about foxes. They’re mysterious, playful, clever and well, pretty darn cute too.  A social animal by nature, it really does make sense that they’ve become so well integrated into the fashion, crafting, and sewing scene. Much like a house cat or a family dog, these little animals seem to produce a ‘cute factor’ that is unmatch by most other wild animals. With these warm and fuzzy feelings, we’ve welcomed their likeness into our own dens too. As images of their friendly faces can be found on everything from pillows to plates in many homes. Foxes have always been in fashion. They hold a timeless factor that is really only on par with possibly the family dog. And why not? They are a regal relative of “man’s best friend” after all. Feeling inspired to welcome our family favorite animal into yours? Check out our Feelin' Foxy Pinterest board for inspiration galore!