Hide and Don't Peek Tent


The magic of a child's imagination is a wonderous thing! Bring the indoors out, or the outdoors in. Playtime can happen anywhere and at anytime. With this quick and easy kids playtime tent pattern, you'll be building a portable place for special memories to be made and creativity to happen.

Tag, you're it! Now, let's get started.

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Between the Lines of Grown-Up Coloring Books

Who says that coloring is just for kids? Certainly not the millions of adults found deeply engrossed within the pages of their chosen book for the evening.

As they tuck in with pen in hand and quickly become lost within the pages of their favorite new coloring book. Their world sudden goes from black and white, to bursting color and the freedom to create.

Quickly increasing in popularity, adult coloring books are becoming both widely accepted and used as forms of relaxation, art therapy,  and creative expression.

Behind that cloud of the stress of everyday life and electronic expression and communication, a sudden beacon of light, a ray of sunshine if you will. The choice is now yours; do you make that sunray yellow, orange, or something totally unexpected? Go on, color boldly, have fun and remember, you don’t always have to stay between the lines.

Here are some of our coloring favorites.


Behind the Scenes with Angie

Hello sew-y and quilt-y friends – I’m so excited to be asked to guest blog for Brewer! My name is Christy Burcham, and this year I’m celebrating 20 – no not 20th birthday (if only) – but the 20 years working in the sewing, quilting, and embroidery industry. As I know is true for so many, sewing isn’t just a job for me – it’s also a personal passion.

I have always specialized in machine embroidery – it’s my favorite kind of sewing, and I’ve been fortunate enough to spend many of my years teaching, selling, and developing products for machine embroidery.

One of the best things about my job is getting to meet and work with some of the most creative and fun people – not just in the industry, but on the planet! There are many great designers, teachers, and shop owners who are inspiring embroiderers to have fun and create memories. I was thrilled when Brewer asked if I could interview a designer for my first post.

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Stay Foxy Pillow

How many of us have photos of our families and pets or drawings that we have created that we would love to show off.  By using THREADS Printable fabrics, it is so easy to turn any of your photos/drawing into beautiful fabric art pieces by incorporating them into anything that is sewn.  

THREADS printable fabric offers a variety of different types to pick from depending on what type of project you are working on.  Make unique prints using Cotton, Cotton Twill, Silk Charmeuse, or Silk Crepe, offered both in 8.5 x 11” cut sheets and rolls.

THREADS allows you to add your personal touch to any quilt, pillow or fabric project with tremendous emotional value attached to it.  Here at Brewer, we made our Stay Foxy Pillow using Cotton Twill printable fabric.  I was amazed how fun and easy it was. A cute and memorable pillow, starring Mr. Foxy.


September is National Sewing Month

September is National Sewing Month.

Let’s make a pack to challenge ourselves to try sewing something new, learn a new technique, use an unexpected fabric, finish that project we’ve been working on…. forever…and maybe if we’re extra caffeinated, tidy up that sewing room a little bit.

We can do anything, right! We are sewists; we create masterpieces and memories out of fabric and thread. How cool is that!  We’re magicians with magic needles instead of wands. And it’s our duty to share the magic and wondrous creativity of sewing with the rest of the world.

So go forth boldly, and share the importance of sewing with some who hasn’t discovered it’s magic yet!