Made by Mar: Wine Wraps 

It’s cold and dreary outside and I try to use every excuse in the book to NOT do things I should like grocery shopping or housework. But this time of year, gift giving and holiday celebrations, is a perfect time to come up with quick, sweet projects to personalize gifts.  Luckily, everyone on my list enjoys a great bottle of wine, and I plan to give favorite wines as a hostess gift this holiday season. Why not personalize the bottle with your own touch through a wine wrap that is fun and easy to make? 

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Silhouette Cameo Machine

Like a home printer, the Silhouette CAMEO plugs into your personal computer with a simple USB cable.  However, instead of printing, it uses a small blade to cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric, and more.

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Color-Your-Day Creative

Recently I created two silk baskets for flower girls to carry at a family beach wedding. Just the rhythm of sewing the edges of simple strips wrapped in lovely pale colors of silk, transported me to a place of pre-event calm. A shimmer of excitement emerged as the baskets easily took shape, using a palette and embellishment to suit my particular event. You can do the same! I wish you as much enjoyment creating for your special occasion, family and friends. 

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Twister Patterns

Quilters are so wonderfully talented, that at one point in time, quilters added a twist (pun intended) to quilt patterns.  Quilt designs went from straight and traditional designs to more fun, twister patterned designs that have shifted to throw pillows, Christmas stockings and even tote bags!

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Foxy in the Hoop Project

By Margaret Bronsweig


Have you ever been late to one of your workout classes at the gym because you didn’t know where to stash your purse?  First of all, finding the women’s locker room is allways a challege. It’s never close to anything. Then you find an open locker, secure the purse, only to hope you can remember how to release it later after class… I get so discouraged, I just want to cry. 

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