Hand Embroidery - No Rules Of Thumb

We love hand embroidery. It’s so creative, relaxing, and portable. For a busy person on the go, whether you travel often for work, you’re chauffeuring your kids around and then find yourself waiting for them during swim class or soccer practice, or you just enjoy the quiet silence of a moment alone, there is something so rewarding about creating something using your hands and your imagination.

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So, Kids Like To Sew Too?

It’s that time of year again, Spring break is just around the corner and there are just a couple more months left in the school year…. that means that it’s time to start planning those kids and teens crafting projects. Yes, it’s sewing season for kids and teens — are you ready?

Here are some of our favorite bets for spring and summer kids projects to get them interested in sewing early, to build their confidence, and to let them have fun while showing them the joy of creating something one-of-a-kind made — a truly made by me project.


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A Quilted Kite

Spring is on the horizon in Chicago and we couldn’t be happier.  We can finally see the grass turning a beautiful green, hear the birds singing, and feel the warmer breeze in the air.  With the outdoors in mind, we’re particularly excited to share a young artist’s story with you. We met Catherine recently in our travels to Austin, Texas while attending QuiltCon2015.  We were visiting a local quilt shop; Honey Bee Quilt Shop that was featuring a modern quilt trunk show.  Catherine Cureton had created three of the beautiful quilts and also shared her quilted kite story with us. When we saw some photographs of this beautiful kite flying high in the air, we knew we had to share her inspirational story with you. 

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Color-Your-Day Creative

With textile artist Paula Scaffidi

Greens merge beautifully into other greens and invite contrasting colors too.  Let’s stitch and discover the wonder of Natural Color Bridges. Often unnoticed, these connector colors are key ingredients for beautiful overall project color. Learn to create and identify essential color ingredients in a mini Fiberella landscape. Happy Spring!

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What happened at QuiltCon 2015 this year

One of the best parts of QuiltCon is the escape from the cold wintery weather of Chicago to enjoy some of Austin’s Sun and warmer breezes. 

You can only imagine all the excitement there was attending QuiltCon 2015.   The show floor was overflowing with enthusiasm and inspiration was found everywhere.  Each exhibited quilt displayed a true expression of the Modern Quilt Movement combining both progressive design and remarkable techniques.  Modern Quilting is every part of free expression with no rules to follow.

In our corner, we participated in showing all our many “Made By Mar” projects; sharing our inspiration, displaying our exclusive products used in each project and giving away free project recipe cards.

We also held a raffle which involved filling out an informational survey. Participants had a chance to win a Digital Camera daily along with the final grand prize of a Chicago 7 Bernette Sewing Machine.  The Chicago 7 was busy stitching out embroidery designs as hopeful lookers passed by.  Stay tuned as we announce the winners soon!

QuiltCon will now happen every year and is planned next in Pasadena, Ca.  If you’re mad about fabric and quilting, make the trip and enjoy the show.